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Agmatine is a biogenic amine composed of one or two positive charges. Its molecule is essential and stable, and its lipophilicity and a high proportion of hydrogen bonds translate into poor absorption. This substance is seen not only as a neurotransmitter but also as a neuromodulator. In the body, Agmatine affects nitric oxide levels as well as the process of blood vessel dilation. This is because this compound blocks nitric oxide synthesis by regulating and inhibiting the main enzymes responsible for its production. Agmatine was first discovered by Albrech Kossel in 1910. As a result of his research, he observed the production of this substance from arginine in a natural fermentation process leading to the decarboxylation of the amino acid. Agmatine sulfate can be produced by humans by converting arginine. Depending on the organ, this process occurs at different intensities.

Agmatine sulfate has solid neuroprotective properties, thus supporting the nervous system and protecting it from toxic substances. This compound also has a vasodilatory effect, improving endothelial function and effectively lowering blood pressure. Agmatine sulfate also contributes to increased protein synthesis, and its action on cyclic AMP enhances the process of lipolysis and promotes weight loss. Similar to arginine, this substance accelerates regeneration and takes part in the production of nitric oxide. Stimulating this process promotes the health of the cardiovascular system and minimizes the risk of many diseases. It exhibits antioxidant functions, thus counteracting free radicals that limit the development and proper functioning of cells. Agmatine sulfate dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow, thus improving blood supply and oxygenation of tissues.

Agmatine sulfate exhibits analgesic effects while sensitizing the body to stimulants. It has a beneficial impact on reducing stress hormones by optimizing cortisol levels. It contributes to an increase in adrenaline and noradrenaline, as well as dopamine. Its use thus improves mood and has an anti-anxiety effect, preventing depression. Agmatine can improve mental performance by increasing concentration and improving many cognitive processes. Due to its properties of expanding psychophysical performance, it is often classified as a nootropic agent. Agmatine sulfate is also used in preventing Alzheimer’s disease, caused by insulin resistance and accumulation of neurofibrillary tangles in the brain. This is because the substance prevents cognitive decline and also improves glycemic.

Agmatine sulfate is especially valued by athletes because this agent can induce a substantial so-called muscle pump. This is directly due to vasodilation, which leads to improved muscle performance by supplying more blood and nutrients to support muscle building and regeneration. This process occurs with adequate blood supply and oxygenation of muscle tissues, thanks to which their work is optimized even during intensive exercise. Thus, agmatine sulfate can be found in the composition of many pre-training products, which significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of athletes.


1 - 2 capsules half an hour before training.

1 caps

                 Agmatine Sulfate


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