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EPHEDRAL is one of the strongest fat burners, it has a stimulating and thermogenic effect, strengthens efficiency and reduces appetite.



Geranium (DMAA) has fat burning and appetite suppressant properties. It provides enormous energy to achieve sports goals, improves focus, concentration and activity. Geranium is a powerful energy booster, fat burner and appetite blocker.



Ephedra Virdis is used for weight loss and obesity and to improve athletic performance, it is a powerful stimulant that supports the breakdown of fat cells.

 It is also used in allergies and hay fever; nasal congestion; and inflammatory conditions of the airways such as bronchospasm, asthma and bronchitis. It is also used for colds, flu, fever, joint and bone pains, and as a "water out" pill to increase urine flow in people retaining fluid and to get rid of subcutaneous water.



Synephrine - Synephrine hydrochloride is a dietary supplement that increases metabolism and contributes to the reduction of body fat. Its action is very similar to ephedrine - it causes thermogenesis and thus rapid fat burning. Synephrine also activates liposis, i.e. the process of fat breakdown.

It improves blood circulation, dilates the bronchi, thus improving the body's efficiency.



Yohimbine is a powerful agent that helps to burn even the most resistant fat, especially in the lower abdomen, waist, hips and the so-called sides. Thanks to Yohimbine supplementation, the fatty tissue covering these areas is oxidized much more effectively, and our figure gains in quality and aesthetics. It is a type of extremely poorly supplied fatty tissue which our body does not want to use for energy purposes. Yohimbine is an antagonist of the receptors responsible for blocking fat reduction. Thanks to this, any type of physical effort allows us to draw energy from adipose tissue for a long time.



Caffeine - Caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system (CNS), heart, muscles, and centers that control blood pressure. Caffeine can raise blood pressure, but may not have the same effect in people who use it all the time. Caffeine can also act as a "water out" which increases the flow of urine. In this burner it is added to enhance the effects of Ephedra and Geranium.




The recommended dose is one capsule a day in the morning or 30 minutes before training.

Supplement facts 

1 caps

Geranium (DMAA)      



Ephedra Viridis


Synephrine HCL


Yohimbine HCL


Caffeine Anhydrous


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